Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program

This is a one-year subscription program that provides security professionals updates on hot topics. An accelerated workshop/training to participants for 12 months.

Why the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program

A Monthly Workshop

This security workshop is conducted by security professionals in their respective fields. The program helps security professionals stay up to date with current security topics. It is also a source of knowledge exchange with other security professionals.


Earn Certification CPE Points

Each security workshop entitled participants to gain Continued Professional Education (CPE) points which could be applied towards their certification CPE requirement for ISC2, ISACA and other certifications. We keep track of all your educational activities on the portal and automatically update your CPE points. You can print out this list at the end of the year as evidence of your CPE points.


Track Your CPE Points

We keep track of all all educational activities on our portal. All CPE points are automatically updated. Each student can print out this list at the end of the year as evidence of your CPE points.

Let’s Build Something Together

We can help you and your security team stay up to date on hot security topics. The program is cost-efficient and can be provided in the morning or afternoon session. We can plan for evening sessions with sufficient participants.

The Information Security Continued Professional Education Program

Information Security professionals are overwhelmed with the fast growing pace of the technology. It is getting harder to keep up to date with the rapid development in the industry. At the same time they are expected to provide adequate services to their clients and keep their organization secure.

Certification can be great idea to gain the needed knowledge but will not provide the continued and regular update of security skills needed by the professionals.  Our Continued Professional Education Program provides in dept understanding of the new security topics and technologies as they happen.

Although, the live event is 3 hours, each workshop in the program will provide you with a day’s worth of educational materials on the subject. This includes topic documentation, additional course put together using available information from other professionals, researchers  and vendors.  This is equivalent to 12 days of training per year if you should attend the twelve events a year. 

We also provide you a free monthly “Security Notes” which is a monthly security magazine.  

Our Month Security Notes


“Thanks for sharing your inside knowledge about DLP.”


I would like to thank the whole team for a very informative and enjoyable training. I am also happy that I won the book, looking forward to reading it 🙂.”


Goede training over data loss prevention en/of data leakage prevention 😉.”