SEC 102:

Cloud Security


In this workshop, our expert will take you through the process of Threat modeling. You will learn about the main idea behind threat modeling, and how to bring security and software development together in the Software Development Life Cycle. Learn to collaborate on security with a shared understanding of security in system software development. We will also discuss the following:

  • Developing software  to ensure business requirements (or goals) are adequately protected in the face of a malicious actor, accidents, or other causes of impact.
  • How to identify threats and compliance requirements, and evaluate their risks.
  • How to define and build required controls.
  • Learn to balance risks, controls, and usability.
  • Identify where building a control is unnecessary, based on acceptable risk.
  • Document threats and mitigation.
  • Identification of security test cases / security test scenarios to test the security requirements.

We look forward to having you around for the workshop.


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