Monthly Security Training Update
July 29, 2020

Information Security professionals are overwhelmed with at work, at the same time they need the latest information and training to carry out their jobs effectively. The problem with the present training programs is that they are certified based and are mostly done in multiple days. They are mostly not what the people need at the present moment.

The goal of the Security Update program is to provide every month for ten months of the year a training program based on hot security concept in the industry. At the end of the day the participant will have Knowledge of the hot or upcoming security solution fully explained.

The second gap we will be filling is to provide Security Update Program. This Security Update Program will take place in the form of a ONE-DAY security workshop program to provide an update on security knowledge base and help security specialist in the market to continuously develop their skills which will enable them to stay competitive in the market and add value to their job.

At its peak the Security Update Program will be held on every working day of the month and will cover one set of topics per month. The program is designed to accept up to 50.

participants who will pay a daily fee to attend the one-day program. The program will run in several locations on different days in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The program will be focused on updating the students on new technologies, Security management concept, design and architecture and general security updates. It will also provide the monthly participant the opportunity to take part in case studies and discuss with other participants from other companies to share knowledge.

The target for this program includes:

  • CISOs
  • Security Risk Management
  • Security Engineer
  • Information Security Managers.
  • Information Security Directors.

Each participant will be provided a monthly GOODIE KIT which will contain the training materials of the day, reference materials, templates and case studies. It will also grant them access to our private membership only website where they can interact with other members of the Security Update group.

The monthly Security update is a training program to expose the company to the outside world. It is also used for marketing opportunity and income generation for the company. This is a major income earner for the business.

This program will be sold on a yearly subscription basis for € 500 per month. This will be € 5,000 per year. Companies buying more subscription will be offered a discount. This program will help Security professionals stay up to day with their education in the field. At the end of the 10 months per year lots of great information security topics will be fully covered.

The content of the One-Day security program will be held every day for the entire month for max 50 persons per section. Each new day will be added as soon as the previously available date is 70% full.

Each Daily section will be recorded professionally and achieved in the CPE program.

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