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A weekly Information Security event to help you expand your knowledge about the Information Security world.

About The
CyberSecurity Friday

The CyberSecurity Friday is a weekly information security event that features top security professional who are willing to share their knowledge with the security community. It is an opportunity to learn from experience speakers from various areas within the cybersecurity arena. 

The event takes place every Friday in a professional setting and it is livestreamed through the Internet to all those who wants to be engaged with the development of the Cybersecurity World. 

Every Cybersecurity Friday has two speakers. One each for both the morning and the afternoon session.  Each session has a small public and provides lots of interaction with the speakers.

The sessions are recorded and also livestreamed to the public at home and at the office. We have a limited seats for those who want to participate in the live session so, reserve your seat on time.

The Cybersecurity Friday is not for selling products and not for advertising. It is purely for the sharing of knowledge and as such we don’t waste your time with sales speech and product demonstrations. At the end of the presentation the participant will have the opportunity to network and interact with each other and the speaker.


The Talks

The Cybersecurity Friday is about giving speakers the opportunity to share their experience from the field. It features talks from security professionals all over the world in their areas of expertise. The talks are about 40 min long and a deep dive into an important security subject. It provide an opportunity to security professionals to listen and learn from other professionals in their area of expertise.  Watch and listen to them talk about their security experience from the field.

Guest Interviews

As part of the Cybersecurity Friday we conduct interviews with our guest to answers questions from the audience during the live presentaiton. Our guests will take questions from live audience and from the livestreams. This way we can create additonal value by giving people the opportunity to engage with our speakers and have their security questions answered.

Live Security Demos

If a picture can speak a thousand words then a demonstration speaks ton of words. We encourage our speakers to show demonstration of security related solutions of how they achive certain results in the field. This is a powerful tool to help you see how others are applying security principles in real life environment.  This is effeciently done without trying to sell you any solution.

Let us know if you want to speak at one of our Cybersecurity Friday Event!

We are constantly looking for good speakers that can provide insights in cybersecurity topics that would benefit the community. If you are such a person please contact us for a conversation.

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