CISO: The First 90 days

and Beyond

CISO: The First 90 Days and Beyond

The function of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is becoming a requirement for many organizations. This important security position is important in every organization to help create, manage and align the security programs with organizational goals and objectives. This training will learn about the challenges of the new CISO and how to resolve them. The three days CISO Masterclass program is a very hands-on training program for those starting out with the role of the CISO or those who are already in the role and would like to understand more and get practical help on how to fulfill the role effectively.

 At the end of this workshop participants will understand the full scope of the CISO job description, where it is positioned in the organization. What is expected from a CISO and how to get started being a CISO and implementing security programs within the organization. Based on the real-world scenario and case studies you will see practical examples of how a CISO implements the content learned from the Master class. It provides you CISO specific tools such as the NICE Framework you need to start making progress beyond the first 90 days. It provides the knowledge, roadmap, and tools to accomplish the following:




You Will Learn How To:

  • Strategically focus your preparation to become a CISO
  • Learn to set up security programs for your organisation.
  • Plan a secure environment aligned with organizational objectives, compliance requirements, and industry-standard architectures
  • Learn to start with what you have already.

The Online Classroom includes:

  • Access to recordings and course content for 365 days.
  • Case studies and real-world scenarios
  • Knowledge checks after each domain

Target Audience

This training is designed for people who are aspiring or have just been appointed as the CISO in their organisation and would like to have a head start to know how to take charge of the new position.