Empowering Your Security,

One Byte at a Time

Who We Are


Intellfence BV’s Integrated Cybersecurity Services offer a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your organization’s digital assets and sensitive information. Our solution combines expert cybersecurity training with hands-on assistance in planning, implementing, and managing robust information security measures. We equip your team with the knowledge and practical expertise needed to defend against evolving cyber threats.

Our services encompass customized training programs for employees at all levels, thorough vulnerability assessments, policy development, security infrastructure setup, ongoing monitoring, and incident response planning. By integrating training and implementation services, Intellfence BV empowers your organization to proactively protect data, systems, and reputation in an interconnected and digital world.

Our Beliefs


More Effective Training

We believe that spending more time teaching students how to use knowledge realistically will make information security training more successful. 


Less Redundancy In Training

People waste too much time in class repeating what they already know rather than delving deeper into the subject.


Subject Mastery

Students benefit more from focusing on a single subject that is thought by a subject specialist, instead of racing through multiple topics per training.


More Hand-on

Students can benefit from practical field experience if they are instructed by experienced professionals who can apply real-world examples.