A Million Compromised Accounts Discovered at Top Gaming Firms
January 5, 2021

Security researchers have warned gaming companies to improve their cybersecurity posture after discovering 500,000 breached employee credentials in December 2020, and a million compromised internal accounts on the dark web.

Tel Aviv-based threat intelligence firm KELA. It detects and analyzes intelligence from a curated set of Darknet sources, providing clients with fully targeted intelligence decided to investigate the top 25 publicly listed companies in the sector based on revenue.

Kela found nearly 1 million compromised accounts pertaining to gaming clients and employees, with 50% of them offered for sale during 2020. After scouring dark web marketplaces, it discovered a thriving market in-network access on both the supply and demand side.

This included nearly one million compromised accounts related to employee- and customer-facing resources, half of which were listed for sale last year. Compromised accounts linked to internal resources like admin panels, VPNs, Jira instances, FTPs, SSOs, developer-related environments and more were found in virtually all of the top 25 gaming companies studied.

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